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FIFA 17: With this trick will always score goals

Posted on February 17, 2017 in EA FIFA 17 Games My Blog

For fans of FIFA 17 who seek to be the kings of the video game, they found a bug that will make them invincible.

Youtube user “Kosh” discovered a way to score almost always  when they are in front of the opposite bow.

Imagine that 99% of the arrivals that have to the goals, finish in the bottom of the networks. They would be unbeatable to their friends and anyone who challenges them to a game in the biggest soccer simulator.

According to the British youtuber, all they have to do is reach the bottom line.

Kosh had a good opportunity to attack in the middle, but remembered their instructions to go for middle attacks. Either call a partner to approach in a corner shot or overflow to the lime line and send the center.

Gamers should concentrate on getting the ball controlled to that part of the court and pressing L2 on PlayStation or LT on Xbox One.

The soccer player that arrives to connect the ball will hit in 99% of the attempts, according to the English words.

So far, the youtube video has just over one million views.

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Everything you need to know about FIFA 17

The stationary plays

In one of the characteristics that the fans of the simulator of soccer asked for changes was in the plays with stopped ball. That’s why EA Sports listened to its supporters and will now have corner kicks, free kicks or more realistic penalties.

For example, in free throws, players will be able to choose the position of the kicker, how to run to hit the ball or with what position of the foot does. Meanwhile, in the corner kicks, you will have a more accurate way to choose the player to whom the ball is thrown or the movement they make inside the area.

The FIFA Active Intelligence System 17

Although the focus of the simulator is the movements with the player they are handling, FIFA 17 will now add importance to the game without a ball. With the Active Intelligence System they introduced, players now analyze the proximity of their rivals and the space they have, in order to increase offensive possibilities.

In this way, they will realize the possibility they have to receive a pass and will be cleared. In addition, with the players that have the ball will be possible to realize new types of clearings. FIFA 17 Coin Generator

The rubbing will take on importance

Another improvement in the gameplay of FIFA 17 will be the importance that will play the physical game. In addition to the typical struggles, you can choose how to occupy the body to lower a ball or protect it.

Now, for example, you can cover the ball or hold it back to wait for your teammates to clear.

The new licenses

In addition to re-counting exclusively with the Premier League and the Bundesliga, now the game will also have the exclusive rights of the League of Spain, with the exception of Barcelona, ​​which was acquired by PES.

Another novelty will be that it will feature a realistic version of all the technicians of the Premier League.

The longed for The Journey mode

One of the great innovations and the most awaited by all of FIFA 17 is “The Journey”. In this new game mode, you can live the career of Alex Hunter since his debut in the Premier League.

In addition to having to control the 17 year old on the field of play, now they must do it outside of it. A new experience that will allow you to be a player inside and outside the field.

If you are looking to become the ultimate kings of FIFA, you must pay attention to this tactic that will not fail in front of the goal.