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Posted on March 22, 2017 in Nintendo Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is available for a little over a week now. He has pretty good deal, but he is also facing a number of criticisms of his game system. Announced with great fanfare during the Keynote presentation of the iPhone 7, Super Mario Run was highly anticipated by the players and they him so booked a rather warm, by downloading a little more than 40 million times in just four days.
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This success was not surprising given the place occupied by the title in the new strategy of the brand.

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Super Mario Run: 40 million downloads in 4 days:

Super Mario Run is indeed the real first Nintendo title on mobile, and it represents a radical change of strategy on the part of the firm.According the press release published by the company earlier in the week, the initiative has proved paid. At least in part. Side download, the success clearly. The title was recovered 40 million times in just four days.

So, Super Mario Run broke the previous record, set by Pokémon Go. A point confirmed by Phil Schiller himself.
Nintendo insists in its press release on the fact that the title has entered the Top 10 highest paying applications on smartphones. However, the firm provided no more than numbers and so we don’t know how many people have put their hands in their pockets.

Opinions and action is down:

Super Mario Run is based indeed on a freemium business model. Only three basic levels are free. To unlock the others, it is necessary to pay €9.99 and there is no unanimity among users in this point.

Besides just getting on the title sheet for realizing. Users have in effect attributed two stars out of five, and if a lot of opinions are simply rave, many people accuse Nintendo its pricing policy. They believe that the title is too expensive in light of what it offers.

These reviews have also had a significant impact on the value of the title of Nintendo. The action has indeed fallen 5% to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and it seemed difficult to go back.

Our view:

Super Mario Run is not one runner like the others, or a dirty portage known mobile license in order to exploit a juicy vein. No, on the contrary, SMR is a real game that can register in the series, to the completely redesigned gameplay to adapt perfectly to its new platform. We quickly found the precision and care that made the letters of nobility in the series and we have no doubt that he will be easily addictive.

Remains to be elucidated the problem of the price. Ten euros seems excessive for a mobile game, as the content is not no more gargantuan. He will have to wait a full test for whether the quality of the title as a whole justifies its tariff or if you would rather wait for the sales.

Whatever it is, Super Mario Run confirms that Nintendo will bring its know-how on Android and iOS and fully exploit these new platforms. Would be – this the beginning of a new era for gaming? A revival on touch screen? With RSM, one begins to dream about.

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