High Note Trail

The top of Whistler Mountain in the summer time offers a 360-degree view of... mountains. It is spectacular. High Note trail far exceeded my expectations and I will be back many more times throughout the season. The dozens of views are beyond anything you could ever imagine. Overlooking Cheakamus Lake literally takes your breath away. There is a meadow lush with colourful wildflowers, and the various tones of blues, greens and browns make us wonder why we've only just found out about this precious gem. I encourage you to go out and explore. Bring friends, hydrate yourself and aim for adventure. It is worth the sweat, time and effort, I promise. At the end of the day, it is about setting challenges that mean something to you. And for the past few weeks, being able to complete these trails, the combined experiences have really helped me to shape who I am today.  

Mt Seymour

Say yes to new adventures. All shots taken with a GoPro except for the last two. The panoramic snap at Mount Seymour's Third Peak is pretty spectacular. The best one thus far. Enjoy!